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MIRACLE can happen if you DON'T GIVE UP!

I have just completed my 19 stars top after booming near to 20 tops. Note that this is not a post to show off. I want to show that I am really doing something not hyping something, you know that people can just say that they enhanced a 20 stars fafnir bow without proof right.

Here is what you need to do if you really want a 19 stars weapon or armor, this is what I found out, you need to boom near to 20 quantity of armor or weapon to get 1 19 stars weapon. This is what I have tested out and it is true.

Most of the maplers will stop at 17 / 18 stars as they don't think there is a need to go for 19 stars at all. But this is wrong, 19 stars boost a lot! From 18->19 stars, I gain about 12 wa. With the 4 19 stars equips above, I gain near to 50 wa comparing it to 18 stars.

This is my advice to all the maplers who want to yolo, keep going, don't give up, your day will come. Trust me, if you boom, get 1 more, just keep going. Tell yourself that you only need to get it once right and that's it!

1b can DO MAGIC! JUST 1b to 11 stars Tyrant Shoes!

I just want to prove that 1b can create 11 stars tyrant! I sold to a player 'HOSEHH' hard magnus svc 2.3 after I get lucky winter all those I earned 1.5b... and I wasted the 500m.

I left with around 1b and I just star this shoes all the way and it gotten to 11 stars! It reached 8/9 stars when I left with only 250m.... and spam a bit more become 11 stars.. this proved something again, if you are lucky you get 11 stars tyrant in just 1b. 


Yes, what to do when you got too much mesos? Well, do you remember in the past wa 21 brown work gloves used to be a super godly item? in year 2005/2006? Where you can get brown work gloves from the mushroom shrine gachapon!

Now, this brown work gloves is very very rare. I managed to get a clean one using 2b in FM. I decided to scroll a wa 21 brown work gloves (to get what I wanted in the past but I am unable to). In year 2005 / 2006, I wanted a wa 21 brown work gloves but I cannot afford.it. 

So today, I want to try out this is how it goes...

1st: weapon attack 2
trace +2 wa

2nd: weapon attack 7
60% chaos scroll: +5 wa

3rd: weapon attack 10
csog: +3 wa

4th: weapon attack 13
csog: +3 wa

5th: weapon attack 14
csog: +1 wa

6th: weapon attack 15
csog +1 wa 

7th: weapon attack 20
csog:+5 wa

8th (last slot): weapon attack 22
csog +2 wa

By using trace, we are unable to get wa 20+ because 30% gloves for att only adds +2 wa. So I need to use CSOG or chaos scroll to get to wa 20+. Manged to get wa 22. Very happy on the result. 

Kept it as a item as a collection! =D

What to do WHEN you are TOO RICH and COMPLETED THE GAME!

If you are too rich, and nothing to do in the game, well, try to gamble all your normal equips to 19 stars and tyrant equips to 12 stars, just like me! Look above! YOLO !~~~~

I spent 20b+ just to get fafnir hat from 18 stars to 19 stars. Boomed countless of fafnir hats. Well it is worth it, since there is nothing else to do... haha! 

The power of 19 stars equips and 12 stars tyrant~!~!~! 

Not risking for 20 stars for obvious reason (it will boom). Happy mapling!~~~! 


Finally I'm level 230, here is what I think, leveling has become easier after the release of arcane river. Unlike previously, there is only BHD (Black heaven deck) to train with 110k exp per mob.

Now with arcane river, you get exp like 380k per mob, this is way way faster. I never used any HS, x2 exp to reach level 230. Now, level 230 is very common unlike in the past. Leveling to level 230, you surely need a lot of patience as you killed a few mobs you only gain 0.01% on your exp bar.

Let me reiterate again, without good potential equips it is very hard to level to 230. You need to 1 hit KO all those mobs to level fast. My best training spot is the clock tower 1st floor. Kill from the top to the btm and teleport to the top back again. Keep repeating... this is the map that I hunt my cores. This map is surely a very good place to train if you are lvl 220.

Lvl 230 is the level to hit full damage on lucid. Level 230 is the ultimate level you should reach now. After level 230, there is not much things to do... just grind all the way to level 250? The next arcane map is coming out you need to be level 225 in order to enter the new town. Make sure you level your character to lvl 225 before that new map releases.

A new arcane orb will be released too. This makes the total number of arcane symbols become 4. In the near future, we got 2 more arcane symbols making the total arcane symbols one can equip to 6. In the near future, MapleStory may get the level cap to 300 instead of 250.

But they surely need to release more fun content for level 230+, there is nothing to do other than grinding mobs.  

What TO DO if you got a LOT OF TYRANT CAPES?? READ!

If you got a lot of tyrant capes sitting in your inventory, go and fuse it, you may get additional potential (rare / epic) and sometimes you may even get unique cape for fusing 2 equips such as 2 thief tyrant capes. 

This way you don't waste your cape by throwing out (if you throw out is like throwing your money to the drain right?). Fuse ALL your capes on Ardent!

REAL COST of ENHANCING a 19 Stars Fafnir armor! MUST READ!

If you have not try before enchaning to 19 stars, I will say that you don't try at all. I wasted a total of 20b+ on my fafnir hats (boomed like 6 pieces of 18 stars fafnir hats without getting 1 19 star fafnir hat. 

The pain of getting a 19* is more than 20b+ ... and the cost of getting 18* is way lesser. Maybe in 2b you can get a 18 stars. 19 stars is crazy.. from 18->19 stars you will keep failing and failing and in the end you will see a BOOM!

I have gave up on getting 19 stars on my fafnir hat and topwear. Although I managed to get my fafnir pants to 19*. The cost of getting a 19 stars is very very crazy. 

If you are unfunded, go for 17 / 18 stars. Don't ever try 19 stars! Don't even try 20 stars! Trust me you will regret if you go for 19 stars!

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