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Trick to reduce MapleSEA LAG! Tried and Tested! IT WORKS!

Hey guys, today I found out a trick to reduce MapleSEA gameplay lag. When you are feeling lagging in MapleSEA gameplay, if your character is lagging, then off the pet loot.


This will reduce the lag of your gameplay! Tried and tested! 

If the gameplay is lagging, go off it, see it helps, as the pet loot is like auto clicker... keep on spamming on picking up packets to the MapleSEA server. With 3 pets spamming such picking up packets to the server, you will be lagging.

GOTTEN FIRST Augmented Cygnus Soul in my LEGENDARY MapleSEA JOURNEY!

Guess what? It's my damn lucky day today, after hunting on hard magnus and cygnus for fking 1 year+, this is my final reward after so much of persistence and efforts. But again, this augmented soul is expensive for a fking reason because it is so rare.. that can take more than 1 year of hunting to get 1 which makes it so expensive!

It worth 10b now and $40-50 SGD for this reason.....however this is so far, the best soul so far that any pros can likely get to scroll on their fafnir weapons. There are better souls, but those are out of reach for most of the people like damien, lucid, etc.


If you have nothing to do right now in MapleSEA, how about prepare for beyond update? Train all your mules to level 140 and more! Watch the video to get detailed info.

350% BOSS DMG, 93% PDR, 8.7m range ACHIEVED!

A new record update, I have reached 350% boss damage....and 93% PDR... What's next? 400% boss damage? and 100% pdr? I shall wait for new update for new equips to upgrade my equip to 400% boss damage and 100% PDR.

Like and share my post to encourage me to get 400% boss damage!

UPS 100% (Unique Potential Scroll 100%) GLITCH?!!?!!?

Hey, as you guys know the UPS (unique potential scroll) glitch, it is actually not a glitch, but it is rather a way that can get unlimited number of unique potential scrolls 100% and has been abused by many maplers. And recently there is a wave of mass accounts ban due to this.

Anyway, don't ask me to reveal that method here, as you know gamemaster is banning account, it is not appropriate for me to reveal it. But common sense, you should know how to do it. If 1 Maple ID can get 1 UPS, then 2 Maple ID can get 2 UPS.... and so on.

By training Hayato to lvl 33, and getting mass UPS! I never abuse that at all because I don't see the point of abusing it as my equips are all completed. Anyway, here is UPS 100%.

With this scroll, you can scroll anything to become unique! This makes it so easy for anyone to get unique equips.... if this event is released years back, I should have abused it, but since I have completed my equips... nah... no way I going to abuse this so call glitch that has been promoting widely on the MapleSEA FB groups.

I used this UPS on a fresh fafnir bow that I gotten from killing C vellum. Here is the end result, and I'm planning to sell off this bow at 5b+.

I will be putting this bow on Maple Auction System to sell. Anyway, this is the first time MapleSEA being so generous of giving out UPS 100%. Can't request for more. Plus, this upcoming Tuesday, there is a M-day event that you can get 50% legendary potential scroll, fafnir weapons and more (if you have done before M-day event you should know what I'm talking about.

Stay tune, for watch out for my blog posts on more upcoming events!

Hard Magnus / Magnus is BUGGED NOW!

As shown above it is bugged my damage dropped from 20m-30m to 7m-8m inside the BLUE ZONE! I have killed hard magnus more than 1 year, this is the first time that I am encountering this problem.

My PDR stays at 91% with 315% boss damage and hitting barely 10m on hard magnus!

Above is my character stats, it shows that I have 5.5m-6.5m range and hitting just 7m-8m on hard magnus. I not sure whether it is a bug or so. Anyone can clarifies whether this is a bug?

Auction House: JUST LIKE MTS! Maple Trading System!

Auction House is a new system that has recently released in MapleSEA. It is like MTS (Maple Trading system), which released many years ago and that system is removed due to duping glitch.

The difference is that Auction house uses mesos to buy or sell things. The best part is that it is free of charge, you do not need to buy anymore @cash to open up a store in FM to sell your items! Simply open up the auction store using the icon below!

Here is how you open the store! See the bottom right of your screen? Click on the icon and you will see 'Go to Maple Auction' button. Click on that button and you will be in the Auction House

Once you are in the Auction house... you will see this..

Well, from here you can search and buy stuffs, it is no brainier, easy and convenience for anyone to sell any items without a remote shop!

However there are still limitation, that is you are only allow to list up to 10 items only!

• You can list up to 10 items per Maple ID at a time. Each listing will last 24 hours.
• A listing deposit of 2,000 Mesos will be consumed and a transaction fee of 5% will be deducted upon a successful transaction.
• There are no limits to the amount of purchases made via the Auction House
• However each purchased item will consume a "Bid" count, and these can only be cleared upon collecting the item from the Auction House
• You can check your limit cap via the "Slot" button
• Untradable items, Inter-Account tradable items cannot be sold.

For example, I want to buy Fafnir death bringer, I type and search just like Google search engine!

Then how you sell your items! This is even more easy! Click on the sell tab, then click on your item and drag to the right side and you can set price and list your item! FAST AND EASY!

After you click on the list item button, it will say your item will only last for 24 hours on the listing!

If your item is not sold out, just list your item again after 24 hours until it is sold out! Simple and easy!

For more info about Auction House, click here! That's all, thanks for introducing this new system for anyone to sell anything for almost free!

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