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I'm not writing something that will not work at all. This method works! 100% WORKS! Let's be short. Earning billions in MapleSEA is hard now, everyone knows. With EB hunting you hardly farm any mesos at all.

Fusing is so far the top method to earn mesos, here is how you do it.

1. When you reached level 220+ you can go to arcane river maps and right there, you will train your characters to level up everyday. 

2. But when you are training your characters, you pick up many fensair equips (level 140 equips)... hat, overall, shoes, capes... all these! They seems fking useless, in fact they are the ingredients to make billions of mesos!

3. After every training, you stock up all the equips, weapons with rare potentials one. 

4. Go to ardent (henesys or leafre). Learn the fusing skill to fuse equips / weapons.... fuse all the same equips / weapons you get from your training... all of them with rare potential. So whenever you go for training on your character clear your equip inventory, and keep all the ones with rare potentials one. 

5. Get add potential like 

4% str/dex/luk/int, ma 10 or wa 10
wa 11, wa 10 or wa 10, wa 10 
8% str/dex/int/luk

Something like above with epic add potential. Each of them can sell for at least 2b.... to 5b. Some item like above stats ...

Here is the proof I done it so many times that I lose count... I earn so many billions already... 

Of course if you can something like below you can sell for 10b+

You must be asking why I'm sharing this? Because I already earned so much that I have lose count.. so much mesos... almost every week can make 2b using this method... now you know it. Go do it... it is better if you got drop rate equips as well to aid you to hunt for equips / weapons.


Nowadays, leveling to 250 is VERY EASY... WHY? At level 239, I gain 0.01% per second (killing 5 mobs at a time using uncountable arrow skill) at cave lower path. It's like leveling a level 60 character in year 2006 where per monster is 0.01% exp added.

Yes, you heard right last time you train a character in MapleSEA, it's freaking hard.. per monster is 0.01%. Now, you only reach that imba training stage when you reached level 235+, where per monster is 0.01%. I'm not using any kishin, x2 exp, or any other exp coupons. I only using decent HS though.

There is even level 238 and level 250 beginner now in MapleSEA.. this proven that it's very easy now for anyone to reach level 250. Many of my friends in my buddy list also have reached level 250.

I will probably take another year to reach level 250? Since reaching level 250, makes this game very boring. It's just like completing a pokemon journey in your Nintendo DS where you won everyone in the game and going nowhere in the game.

FUSING is the FASTEST WAY to earn mesos NOW!

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Yes, you heard that fusing is the best way to get mesos now. With 2 gloves hunted, you fuse it, you may get stats like...

4% dex 10 wa
4% str 10 wa
8% dex/str/int/luk
11 wa 10 wa
10 wa 10 wa
... continue....

On the epic rank of additional potential.

With that, you can sell for 4b+ each... for any stats above. Like rings (season2 ring, silver blossom ring.. etc)....

I already earned 6b+ for like... free.. just by fusing all the equips I get after my grinding...



Recently, I spent 400 SGD and upgraded to MVP silver rank. On silver rank, you can get daily MVP pack which consists of random items which includes MVP Megaphone. This megaphone can mega to the whole MapleSEA world. For example, you are in Aquila, then this mega will show your message to the whole Aquila.

So once you reach Bronze IV rank, which you need to spent at least 300,000 @cash or 300 SGD to get it. Once, you reached Bronze IV rank, you won't drop rank anymore, it is a lifetime MVP rank.

With that rank, you can get random items which includes the megaphone (expires in 3 days) daily from the daily pack in cash shop. With this megaphone, you can surely spam your message almost everyday. I use this megaphone to spam my hard magnus service every Thursday.

Not a not deal, with Bronze IV lifetime MVP member, you can get megaphone for free for LIFETIME on your mapling journey. Of course, it only gives you 3 megaphones per daily pack, so use it when you really need to use it.

Nowadays, I always got free megaphone to spam if I want... hooray... it is worth if you are playing this game for long, just spend 300 SGD or 300,000 @cash you will get Bronze IV rank for lifetime and you can get daily pack from the cash shop. 

With multiple accounts with Bronze IV rank, you can spam more...

ALMOST 10 HOURS of enhancing to get ONE 19 STARS GLOVES!

As you know today it is the star force event which gives 12->13 stars for free means you can upgrade with 100% success rate from 12 to 13 stars. I am really really determined to get back my last item which I boomed last time when creating my 20 stars bow.

I bought like 30b... and with more than 40 gloves and enhance the gloves more than 10 HOURS. YES, you read that to get this 19 stars gloves I sit on my computer and press on the fking star force thing for 10 HOURS straight... in the end.. I finally got it.

I know you will think I'm really crazy to do that for 10 hours. That is how I get my 20 stars fafnir bow because I got a mental endurance that almost no one in MapleSEA possessed? Even my buddies don't follow me. They stopped their tyrant at 11 stars or 10 stars.


What I found out is that from 18-19 stars is IMBA HARD you need more than 20b to get 1. Previously, I made my 19 stars fafnir hat with 20b+ too. Here I proved to you again you need 20b+ to get 1 19 stars equip / weapon and 100b+ to get 1 20 stars equip / weapon.

Creating a 19 stars equip / weapon can make 1 person go CRAZY really, with SOOOO many boom at 18 stars. You need to have mental endurance to move on....Also I bought my mesos on 0bear since SEAGM out of stock their mesos. 0bear is another alternative mesos seller that I found. Yes, their service is like SEAGM efficient and fast, almost real time delivery of mesos to you.

Wish all the luck on your enhancing if you are motivated by my post. Go for it! 19 stars or 20 stars, it is possible.

EVERYTHING in this world is possible with determination, willingness, perseverance.... 


Anyway with this I finally get back all my equips... and thanks for reading this, I will update more posts to my blog when new content is out.

0bear Mesos Seller! TRUSTED and EFFICIENT!

I have been looking for an alternative to SEAGM as SEAGM always got their mesos out of stock. Here is a alternative that I found, they are really good, I can say their service is alike to SEAGM.

Here is the link.

Yes, the URL looks weird 0bear, but they are trusted mesos seller, I bought 19b, they deliver to me in less than 2 mins..

They also refund me the value of 0.78b to my paypal account as they don't have enough mesos in stock. You can ask them in the live chat first whether they got enough in stock before buying mesos with them.

They are 100% trusted, I got my mesos in game. They deliver mesos at channel 20 of FM. 

With fast mesos delivery and friendly live chat, and almost real time mesos delivery, yes this is my alternative to SEAGM. This will be my 2nd mesos seller if SEAGM is ever out of stock. 


Since, I have bought mesos from all the mesos sellers on the Internet. Here is what I think, SEAGM is still the best mesos seller, although I have stopped buying mesos since all my equips / weapon have completed. Here are the reasons. 

Here is the link to buy mesos from SEAGM: Link

*Note: I'm not affiliated to SEAGM. SEAGM has been selling mesos on MapleSEA for years. Because they have been so efficient and effective on delivering mesos, that's why I'm writing to praise their service.

1. Deliver mesos in real time!

Just pay using Paypal, or bank transfer to SEAGM to buy mesos and copy and paste the transaction ID to their live chat, and they will ask you to go to FM room to trade mesos to you. Fast and easy, their live chat NEVER down before!

What other mesos sellers are doing is that.. (I don't want to state them). Anyway, their live chat EITHER OFFLINE or tell you a lot of things to waste your time. They want to verify you, by sending you a PIN to your phone and verify or call you. Waste of your time to the MAX... 

2. Can ask whether got mesos stock a not before buying

Go to their live chat and ask whether they got mesos available in their stock. If they don't have, you can don't buy. If they say they got stock, then you can buy. 

Other mesos sellers their live chat either offline or want to waste your time to verify you...

3. FAST and Efficient 

Almost less than 5 mins, you will get your mesos 100% without fail, even it is midnight. Their live chat don't go offline, they are selling mesos in REAL TIME!

4. They got discounts for members

If you are a member there and bought a lot of mesos then you will get discount progressively...even if you want to buy @cash next time you will get discount...

5. Refund INSTANTLY!

If they got no stock, they will refund you straight away without DELAY. Ask them for refund, they will refund! 

The other mesos sellers when asking for refund, they delay here and there, in the end waste a lot of time to refund in my opinion.

My other OPINION!...

Without a word to say, if I want mesos I will straight away go to SEAGM to buy mesos (NO alternative, if you go for alternative prepare to face a lot of problems). 

Now you got it, SEAGM is the ultimate choice for your mesos supply....

I will not state those mesos sellers, as I believe if they read this post, they will know and improve their services...

The 2nd mesos seller I will go for is sea4gold, their live chat does not up all the time so you may have difficulty getting your mesos sometimes, But, they will deliver your mesos without scamming you, it is a real mesos seller. 

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