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I got a incredible first hand news from my friend (Minaide) 1. Your fafnir weapon will be replaced by absolab weapon that adds 500 weapon attack. Your legendary fafnir weapon will be deemed as worthless SOON! 2. Your skill level will be up-ed to level 50 (max) instead of usual level 20 (max) level skills. 3. 5th job is coming. Yes, a zero with 800k range can SOLO c vellum without death. 4. Your tyrant shoes and cape will be maybe not worth anymore. Absolabs shoes and cape +20 weapon attack or so. Unless your tyrant is 15 stars if not don't bother. Get Absolab shoes and capes. 5. Your gloves and shoulder will be replaced by Absolab one. 6. You still keep your fafnir helmet, top, btm, all these are still GOOD! 7. 100b is the maximum damage. 2m-2m range is no more. 8. You can get extra 3% drop rate ring from detective quest. The quest above the light bulb. 9. Lotus boss drop absolab equips. You need 200m per line to kill it. In conclusion, you may want to sell out your EVERYTHING now before they become worthless shit! The only things that you keep is your rings, fafnir helmet, top, btm, tyrant belt!

SUPER REAL MapleStory CUBE Simulator IS HERE!!! FINALLY !!

Here is the link to the simulator: https://stripedypaper.github.io/cube/

Many maplers are looking for this simulator.... a somewhat cube simulator alike to the cubing experience in game... now here it comes, Someone has created this simulator for you to cube.

So you won't have the urge to spend anymore money to cube again! Get over from your cubing addict once and forever!

This simulator is also what I have been looking for a long time... finally it is here... share this post with your friends. Or let your friends know about it!

100% The FASTEST WAY to MAX ALL your Traits!

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This is a quick tip for water wars 

With 10,000 points you get

70 bucks

60 bucks

With 100 points you get

60 bucks

50 bucks

As getting 10,000 points may spend you more than 5 mins, hence it is smarter to get 100 points for each of your chars which takes less than 30 seconds.

After you collected 300 aqua bucks on each of your chars go and buy the traits pots and transfer to your main character to max all of your traits. 


Someone gotten Legendary Potential scroll from hero box. Yes, hero box the box that you can hunt from monsters right now. The box that you open to get hero coins.

It seems unbelievable... but it is quite legit, From the looks of the screenshot., and the date of expiry. 

Join this group to leave your comment. If you get any LPS, share with us on Facebook group here.

Maplestory Europe and Maplestory Global NOW MERGED!


Good news or bad news? Soon, it will be MapleSEA merge with GMS? hehe...

On June 8, preparations will begin to migrate the Nexon Europe MapleStory service to the same Nexon Global Launcher currently used by Nexon America. 

This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to better position the company for growth across the Western market. In addition to bringing all Nexon Europe and Nexon America MapleStory players onto the same service, this migration will combine billing, customer support and other player-focused services. 

When the migration of the Nexon Europe MapleStory service is completed later this year, European MapleStory players will be getting all the latest content updates even faster than before.

2m-2m REACHED! Next GOAL 3.5m-4m range!

Next goals 
3.5m - 4m range
320%+ boss damage
100% status resistance
95% PDR


Go to Hekaton, and in just 1 round you can get x1.5 exp coupon for free. Better than nothing. 

Just 30 mins for 1 Hekaton run, you can get x1.5 exp coupon which is quite worth it in my opinion.

When you finished Hekaton, you will be sent to a map to receive your rewards which includes x1.5 exp coupon every time.

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