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DOM (Dominator Pendant) Drop rate on Arkarium Boss REVEALED!!!

Many maplers have been wondering what is the drop rate of DOM (dominator pendant) in Arkarium boss (normal mode). 

Here is my answer. I have been killing Arkaium EVERYDAY for 1 year! Gotten less than 5 CFs (confusion fragment) in total. 

Throughout that 1 year, I never equip any drop rate equips at all, so my drop rate is 0%. I picked up 2 dominator pendants in total for the year. So if we want to calculate the drop rate for dominator pendant that is...


That's is lesser than 1% as expected. This is game is hosted by Asiasoft (MONEYSOFT), therefore you can expect drop rate to be very very low (as Asiasoft want you to spend $ to get those items).

I have see people killing Arkarium just to hunt for dominator pendant. But, before that you can read above as a reference, so do you want to invest 1 year of your time to hunt 1 dominator pendant... + a few CFs... is it worth, YOU DECIDE!!! 

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